I am doing the final re-writes for Blue Ash Crisis so soon all the chapters will be free of errors and stylistically better. So far I have just finished the prologue but I am steadfast in my work and pretty soon the whole thing will be finished. Also new chapters of An End To All […]

Life is what you make it. I am sure everyone has heard this statement before. Until recently I always found it to be a contrived statement people just repeated to make themselves feel better. That is until I came to a realization that life is exactly that. The joy of life is something that can […]

I got to rewrite a lot of my new book. I have decided to change prospective from third person limited to first person. It just works better. Anyway, I will be posting new content soon. Bare with me.

I am finishing up my outline for An End To All you Know. I want to be 100% complete by April 1st so I can hopefully have something written up for it by April 8th/9thish. Then we will move from there releasing as I finish things up. The outline needs to be solid though so […]