Jehoram, or Joram, was the son of King Jehoshaphat. He killed all his brothers with a sword and some of the rulers of Israel. He was thirty-two when he became king, he reigned eight years in Jerusalem. He walked in the ways of the kings of Israel, just as Ahab did. He did evil in […]

Who was Pharez He is the son of Judah, a elder twin brother, his younger brother being Zarah. He was said to be baring a scarlet thread in his hand at birth. His name means to breach or burst forth. Pharez is a half canaanite. Sometime during his life he had two son one of […]

Alright, we are in the book of Matthew. We went over the beatitudes last time. Now we are going over some of the other teachings of Jesus. Let us begin in prayer asking for guidance and wisdom. 13 “You are the salt of the earth; but if the salt has become tasteless, how can it be […]

As you can see I am writing again. This is a miracle. By the grace of God, I had a stroke, and I came out of it entirely unscathed. Roughly about a week and a half ago I could not pick up a pen. Let alone write. The importance of me writing this to you […]


If you have not read the previous chapter you may want to read that one first. Click the button below to be taken to the previous chapter. This story is currently a work in progress. If you find any errors or have comments please feel free to let me know. Time had become irrelevant in […]

Overwhelmed! That is right, right now I am overwhelmed with the amount of projects I have going on and the amount of assistance I am giving out. In the last few days you might have noticed me producing a lot of Bible Studies trying to catch up. Those alone with my normal writing schedule plus […]