Been hard at work all morning with Peppermint tea. I did some major reworks on AETAYK (An End To All You Know). Restructured some of the chapters, added in some more material and changed some of the major events in the beginning. I originally had Primina’s curiosity (the main character) being the driving force for […]

This right here, is the greatest advice anyone can give you in life; well if you want to do something with your life that is. Preparing yourself is important sure, however it is of less importance than doing whatever it is you want to do. Aspire towards a goal and move towards it. I have […]

Chronos; that is the most simple answer. It is time that divides our attention the most. That includes your audience. As someone who does not much care about “building” an audience through schemes or tricks but rather talent alone, I have come to certain conclusions. One of the most important ones is that your audience’s […]

I have been working on my writing formula for a while now, the better part of five years. By doing this I have learned a lot of talents and skills for writing. So needless to say my toolbox is pretty nicely filled at this point. However, I have a set of goals I want to […]

This is 10,000 times more beautiful. Amazing lyrics. “I thank you God for moon and sun, For Wonder of the planets run, For every moment, Good Lord, You will give me! For Light and shade, for joy, dismay For my the best till present day, For every new inhale yet – Hallelujah! Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, […]

I am doing the final re-writes for Blue Ash Crisis so soon all the chapters will be free of errors and stylistically better. So far I have just finished the prologue but I am steadfast in my work and pretty soon the whole thing will be finished. Also new chapters of An End To All […]

Life is what you make it. I am sure everyone has heard this statement before. Until recently I always found it to be a contrived statement people just repeated to make themselves feel better. That is until I came to a realization that life is exactly that. The joy of life is something that can […]