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Which Bible Is Right For You?

I often here people discussing the different versions of the Bible. They argue for which one is better and why one is not as good. So, let me tell you everything you need to know about your Bible and why it is flawed. Lol just kidding. This is actually a personal question with a personal answer.

So in my Bible Studies I stick to the KJV, ESV, and the NASB. KJV is the King James Version, ESV is the English Standard Version, and the NASB is the New American Standard Bible. I find these Bibles are more familiar among the people. When I write it I hope you are looking through your Bible with my study. Although I provide the text in some form or another, you should be searching your scriptures daily to prove what I say true, or WRONG. I am human I can be wrong. Anyone can be wrong. So do not trust someone with the word of God.

THAT MEANS THE BIBLE YOU ARE READING CAN BE FLAWD! That is right. You must do your do diligence and search the many different scriptures available to you to find the truth. I suggest using sites like to see many many different scriptures laid out for each verse of the Bible so you can research what is true.

Often times there is errors in the translation of the Bible or old word means something different today. The concepts can become confused. The overall truth of the Bible is true though you may have to search a little to find the answers.

The next thing to point out is even if the translation is perfect. The idea may be lost to time. Sometimes the Bible can be especially confusing if you do not understand the culture. People are different than they used to be. Customs change over time and trust me, 6000 years is a long time for things to change.

So in conclusion what Bible is right for you? Not any of them. You must use what scriptures are availed to you to discern what is true and untrue. I suggest having the package I did above, KJV, ESV, and NASB. If you have those three generally you can have an answer. It also help to have a Strong’s Concordance with a Hebrew and Greek Lexicon. I am telling you if you have those it is so powerful to your understanding. It also helps to have some books of history as well.

Below is a list of Bible resources that are readily available Also buying one will help me out running this site.

KJV Study Bible:
ESV Study Bible:
NASB Study Bible:

Strong’s And Vines Concordance:

Rose’s Bible Maps And Charts:

I hope you found this little bit of information to be helpful to you. One of the things most important to remember is if you are reading the Bible, and you are doing your best to live those words. Your on the right track. God knows your heart. He will lead you. God bless and have a wonderful day.