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We Live In The Shadow Of A Much Greater Universe

We are in the shadow of a much larger reality. This statement sounds preposterous to most of you I am sure. However, hear me out until you make your judgment on such a claim. As we all know, we can move in three dimensions; along the x,y,z axis and yaw, and pitch and all the others you get from combining those. However, what if I told you, you are involuntarily moving as we speak? If you have guessed I am talking about time, you would be correct.
We are constantly and eternally drifting on the current of time. Time is a physical property. What are the implications of that? The universe records everything down to 0.5 x 10-43 seconds. A number so infinitesimally small but the fact that measurement stops there and things go strange suggests this shadow of another world. What we have reached is a point where our existence is no longer analogue but digital.

Granted, there are ways and we will discover ways to narrow that number down and perhaps be able to see the mechanics of how our universe operates but make no mistake there are operations taking place at that point. For every point of matter there is a change in between one moment to another. Perhaps an infinite amount of changes. These changes create entirely new universes between moments. However, we do not experience these other existences.
It would seem that between moments of time a selection process takes place and one scenario is selected and pressed forward to the next moment. Now this is where I will get suggestive. I will suggest that those changes happen because there is a creator who is minutely managing the whole of his creation.
The greatest act God has ever done to prove his existence is predicting the end from the beginning. Which we call prophecy. The human mind could not comprehend the amount of possibilities between molecules in the entire universe being looked through and selected. We are literally experiencing everything through this artifact. As in Time has happened and you are experiencing it. This does not assume an absence of free will however, it just means all the things you have done you have done and you are experience said choices.

So to us and our minds we process time as a linear state that we are traversing through. However, God experiences time from a special perspective above the linear existence of time itself. So he can see time for what it is. This also means he is guiding time. Now a quantum physicist will say to you there is no God and we just can’t interact with the other planes of existence that form and we are just in our own bubble and nothing is outside of it.

I would argue since we see the logic in the universe it would suggest there is a logician behind the universes logic. Remember when I pointed out that minimal measurement of time and I pointed to the universe being digital and not analogue. I said that for a reason. One would expect the universe to be analogue if it was a chaotic engine created by nothing that assembled its own order from nothing. However there are specific rules. Atop of a minimum measurement of time, there is also a minimal measurement of size 1.6 x10-35 m across. After you cross that threshold matter loses locality and suddenly appears everywhere.

There is order where no order should be. Therefore I am suggesting our world is a shadow of a much greater existence. An existence that is analogue and not digital.