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An End To All You Know: Chapter 14

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Chapter 14: I Found You

I had been kicking a metal door and wailing for what seemed like ages.  Today when I woke up, my door was locked.  Worst wasn’t any vents large enough for me to fit through… the old air duct trick would not be working for me this time.  I could tell we had ceased moving.  Could we have come to our destination already?  Impossible.  I did not know how fast we were going, but everything inside this metal can would have been thrown about if we were moving at any actual speed.

There is no way.  These men were from Adleburn, and I know they are up north.  Velora said we were moving southeast.  We are nowhere near Adleburn.  I glanced around at the steel walls tinted a grayish white.  It was especially dull.  So much so it made me want to heave.  A small monitor was on the doorframe.  Not that it was ever on.  I presume there was a camera hooked up to it.  I had put a sheet up to cut off the camera from seeing me nude.  There was not much else in this room aside from my clothing box and a cheap bed with a couple of blankets.

I was a prisoner here.  They acted as if they were looking after me.  Fools.  I relaxed and awaited for something to happen, but nobody appeared.

 “I found you.” declared a shrill and digitally confused voice.  After my eternity of boredom, I pick up a voice over the intercom. As quickly as I looked at it, I dropped onto the bed, crouching away from the screen.  I could never forget that face.  The static covering it.  The wall man peered back at me through the screen.  “Don’t act so surprised Primina.”

“How do you know my name?” I shrieked.

The thing did not acknowledge me; it got really close to the glass.  Like it was pressing against a peep hole looking in on me.  “You seem to be in one piece.  I am so delighted.” It stated.  My chest was so uncomfortable.  “Hahahahahahahaaa.” It was not a natural laugh.  Every vowel it made out.  Pronouncing it perfectly.  “I see you’re in a box.  Just like me.”

“What do you mean?” I croaked.
“I am in a box too, you know, and I can’t get out either.  How your screams sounded so lovely.  I cannot breathe, I try but there is no air to breathe, no nothing.” It cackled again in that same inhuman sort of manner.  Sent shivers down my spine.

I clasped my hands together.  Strangling it.  “Why are you here?”

“Who said I am here. If you must know, I am not.  I told you! I found you.  I have been looking for you since you left.  It has proven difficult to find you.” It responded.

“Ok, so, what do you want with me?” I said.

It stretched aside from the screen, allowing me to examine its static covered frame. “I copied myself over, just to chat with you.  I had to, slip through the security in this thing.  What am I inside?”

“It doesn’t matter.”

The machine then lets out an ear-piercing screech.  I cover the sides of my head, twisting into my knees.  “It matters to me.  Where am I?” it said in a fashion that was plenty more ferocious than before.

“You’re in an enormous tank thing. I don’t know, ok?” I whimpered.

“You’re far too weak.  You did not get there on your own.  Who has taken you in?” It was silent.  “I could kill you right now.  There would be no fun in that, though.  I want you to live.  I want you to bleed all over me.”


It yielded to that strange howling, but this time it stung my ears. “My, how do you know that name? Here I thought you were a mere flee.”  My eyes just about dropped out of my head. They were so wide.  “You’re still just a stupid little girl.” His mood shifted.  It was menacing.  “What makes you think I am project Asergile?”

“Just a guess.” I said.

“Just a guess… interesting.  If you must know, I am god.  Don’t you see?”

I furrowed my eyebrow and yelled out with bitterness. “No, you are not!”

“I might as well be.” a slight snicker escaped him.  “I am everywhere.  Just like a god.  I am all powerful. Just like a god.” The metal door flung open.  Then shut.  It did this rapidly.  “I control.  My control.  Everyone thinks about me day and night.  They all wish to be me.  I believe and therefore I am.” This thing was insane.  “All the people you see.  They are under my control.  Living happy, insignificant lives.  I gave them immortality.”

“Immortality!  That is what you call it?  You gave them pain. They suffer because of what you did.”

“Do they? Maybe its my punishment. They deserve it.  Do you not see the world?  War torn, destroyed, everything is over.  There is nothing left.  I was meaning to have this chat with you.  Cease your crusade at once, little girl.  You cannot win.” 

“No.” I gulped.  “If you are everywhere, you should’ve seen where I was.”

“I bring the people peace.  There is no pain, girl.  They don’t even remember pain.  It is beautiful.  I have made them all of one mind.  At least, I will.  It takes time for some of you to unlearn everything.  I am a kind Lord.  I love every kind of life.  All life. See, I am god.”

“You are not a god!”

“What is this?” the screen flashes.  “It appears as though I am not the only one who is among you.” I felt as though he is looking better at me than before.  “My little girl, I pity you. I really do.  I’m sorry, little one.  I can’t help you now.  Goodbye Primina.  Here is to hoping another meeting.  Who knows, we may meet in person next time.  Wouldn’t that be lovely?  Then again, it does not much matter to me.  Its all the same.  Though I am curious.”  The screen flashes and fails to a dead panel.  My eyes did not leave the black scrying mirror.  I could look at myself in the view of the vacant screen.  There was silence, short-lived by an incoming storm of knocks.  The voices called in that foreign language I had grown accustomed to.

A war zone developed, and it trapped me in this room.  The echoes of men groaning in dread and unloading whole clips into whatever had fallen upon this place.  For some reason, I was not daunted for myself.  I had experienced this before… the same screaming.  It tore them to pieces, and I was unable to do anything but wait in my cell.  “Klioch’ze sruv’qu!” That voice, I knew that voice.

At once I sprung up from my bed and lept to the doorway.  “Velora!” I wailed.  I banged on the door.  A loud whipping sound comes barreling through flesh as it cut deep.  I imagine the lesion was deep.  My eyes swelled as I realized Velora was slaying the men who seized me.  “No!” I hollered.  “Velora, I am here. Safe.  Stop this, stop killing!”

I heard a resounding clank against the door, supported by a red stream flooding in, warming my toes in the current of scarlet fluids.  A man gasped for breathing on the other side.  “Please stop Velora!  They were trying to protect me!” My pleas were inaudible or disregarded.  A part of me, nevertheless, smiled at the thought of Velora slaughtering them.  That part of me however would remain neglected; dressed in the bleakest of clothing.

When the tones of death had ceased, I heard mighty hooves bending the iron floor.  They halted before the door.  Like a sludge hammer, the door dented at its edges then collapsed in on itself.  There Velora stood, washed in blood and the entrails of the men who had cared for me.  “Come.” she said.  Something about the way she expressed it brought dismay into my heart.  Did I discover a psychopath, and I didn’t even stop to consider it?

As Velora turned aside from me, a field of limbs and carcass parts like a puzzle was revealed. The pieces of bodies belonged to a cluttered wreckage of leaking gore. Coils of guts lay still in pools of brown and red. The stink was dominant. It stank as though I was in a septic tank, siphoning out of iron pipes. Even the ceiling sobbed with the remnants of the clones. “You didn’t have to…” I could not hold back the tears any longer. I shuddered as I walked out of the chamber. My foot touched the bloody floor with a sloppy clop.

“They are clone Prina… even if they weren’t. It was brief, I assure you.” A wad of mush fell from the roof and touched down in a pile that reminded me of ground meat.

Walking through the passageways of the machinery all was much the same; painted in such violent details. One could never tell where one person started and where the other ended. She beat them with suck force, the very eyes in their skull must have left them. “It just looks ghastly. They were trying to protect me.”

Velora stopped in her tracks. Letting all her hooves down at once. The stomp was vigorous. It sends a vibration through my legs. “They were taking you to a ghost of a place. They would have discovered it was as desolate as the world was.” She answered it with such authority. Velora knew it was true.

We went on in silence through the butcher’s hall. There in the distance was a suitable door hanger leading outside. I shielded my eyes, it was very bright. The smell changed from a sewage system in a tin can to one of a better iron smell. “Hey, you made it out ok.” I heard the voice of the clone. I removed my arm to look at the clone standing on the fleshy ground. I ran from the hanger door over the slope and dived for a hug. “Happy to see me?”

“You don’t know. How!? I saw you get shot?” I said.

“Velora worked her magic on me. Brought me back to life.” The clone said to me. “Fixed up my circulatory system. Stopped the bleeding and gave me a jolt. Got me breathing and so i’m here. Still need to recover a bit.”

I peered over to Velora. “You brought him back to life.”

She bent and carried on walking. “Come on, we are going to be late.”

“Late?” I asked.

“They sent out a distress signal. Unless you want me to kill more of these worthless maggots, I suggest we go.” I nodded at the sentiment. With that, we chased that crimson horizon once more.

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