An End To All You Know: Chapter 7

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Like cloud I drift above, floating to shores unknown. In a full dream like state I am allowed respite from the nightmare of waking hours. No one to harm me here. But sadly I knew I needed to awaken to the world once more. Swimming up to the surface of reality I breath in a long rancid smell. My eyes slow open to the dumpsters where I lay. I look up to see the sky that dull reddish purple I went to sleep under.

I yawn and gently rub my eyes to remove the long slumber that was slathered upon me. Letting out a yawn I stretch my arms to my back. Bending into it I feel the tightness of my back release to a much more comfortable state.

“You have something that is mine.” The voice was rather young, unsettling so. I turn my head to see amalgamation of parts. Sure it had a human head, a girls, but she had ram horns and long ears. A fur scarf around her neck, but that is where all conventions end. The bore four arms. Each one different than the others. They looked as though they were made of armor and the ones in the back of bone in spots, mechanical. Her torso, pinned metal tacked on her stomach with mechanical parts in the middle. Around her waste a polished ring of metal. Onate design encrusted it. Pair of large skulls of some kind of dead animal. Fleshy tethers hung off them. Moving down to her four goat legs. Armored as well. Not to mention her to large bone like wings. She had a tail that hid trinkets tied to it. And she stood about ten feet tall.

I cower down at her. “I… I… I don’t have… anything I swear.” The beast walks up to me and looks down at me dwarfing me in stature. “Please. I don’t want any problems.” Her rosewood eyes peered into me. I watched as her elegant lips spread into a grin. “Just let me go. Please.” With one hand she grips onto my shirt. The boney fingers lift me off the ground pressing me into the wall. Full of fright I begin kicking my legs to get away from the monster.

“Something is off about you.” the creature then sets me back on my feet. Backing away I press myself into the farthest wall from it. “Tell me, what are you?”

I was not entirely sure if I should answer. On one hand she seemed intelligent. On the other she was painful to look at. “Human.” is all I said.

“Interesting. I will have to assimilate you.” she released to veiney cables that stretched out from her.

I collaspe onto the ground and huddle up completely afraid of what was to come. “Please don’t. My blood,” I remembered about my blood just then, “It will kill you.” I look out from my crumpled hold to see the girl retract the cables. She, listened to me. “You, your, not going to, kill me are you.”

“Should I? I was not planning on it but hey you know how those things go.” I see a broken piece of glass on the ground next to me. Grabbing it in hand I stand up and put the glass to me skin.

“Get away from me!” I screamed at her. The machine hellfire eyes just consider it. It then takes a step at me. “I am warning you. If I bleed on you, you’ll melt.”

The girl lets out a hearty snicker. “Aren’t you an imaginative one, where in the world would you get an idea like that.”

Helibore, I could not bring my self to say his name. He was right. “I have seen it.” I sobbed. “He injected himself with it. I.. it killed him. He died in front of me.”

The girl seemed to pause for a moment. “Well isn’t this interesting. Your empty.”

“Empty? Whats that mean.”

“It means you have no machines,” the lady tells me. “Only the one you stole from me.” She looks down at me with an anger in her eyes.

I stood point the dagger of glass at my arm. “I didn’t steal anything. I don’t know what you mean.”

“We have decided not to assimilate you.” At hearing this all I could do was shiver some. Though it brought me some relief as well. “You should drop the glass, it would not save you anyways.” She looks me right in the eyes. “You do not pose an actual threat to us and I am curious how did you survive this long outside of stasis.”

The glass just fell out of my fingers. Shock filled my face as she spoke. “How did you know.”

“Stasis. You are young, you could not have gotten here without being in stasis.” the creature says to me.

“I… I… there was a colony. Its dead now.” I said. Feeling my fear slowly slip away, I release myself of my guard. “Do… do… you have a name?”

“We have many names, my name is Velora, my name is Erianthe, my name is Livius, my name is Ravener, my name is Bree, my name is Marionette, my name is Novella, my name is Vanity, my name,”

“Stop!” I shout. “You are not Vanity.”

“I am not, Vanity is us though. I assimilated her. So her arm which you possess is mine by right.” the girl said without any sign of emotion. I back up with tears flowing down my face I hold Vanity’s arm close to me. The girl take a step closer to me with that long goat like leg. “Don’t cry.” she tower over me but gentles herself down to the lower to rub my cheeks.

“I understand. Please… don’t take it.”

“Parina, I know you.” I shake my head at this monster.

“You killed her!” Push against her arm getting free from her.

She looks at me with a saddened gaze. “Vanity is not dead, she lives in me. To you I am Velora, a human name.” I shake my head at her sick little mind. Bounding down the alleyway to get away from that thing, that thing took her away. Stole her… its a monster. Its a monster that is far crueler than any other.

I find myself inside the ruins of this once lively little city, now all it has to offer is a journey of horrors. It didn’t really matter where I went as long as it was not where my feet were. That horrible thing; she killed Vanity. I was outside of a grocery store. I could tell because of the hologram of a person pushing a shopping cart. At least I think that is what it is supposed to be. There is cords of flesh hanging off the side of the building. This flesh landscape made me feel uneasy. Regardless I press on until I see a few more of those humanoid creature walking around. I look around for a place I can go without drawing attention to myself.

Turning around I walk back, and go behind the building. It is not much unlike everything else in this old grim town. The sound of my footsteps must have been noticed as a dog like thing jumped off a the roof of the foot mart. It jumped me at first. It looked so strange. It had metal on it and its face turned away from her me. That neck of it stretched out long, for longer than I was conformable with. It slowly turns it head, to reveal it is a man face. I shrieked. It with stands my little scream and just looks at me; not moving, not saying a word. I start backing away from the dog. “Aaaaahhhheeee.” The dog man said to me.

“The doorway to the grocery is behind me. If I can just make it there.” I said to myself moving further from the dog. The thing prowled nearer to me as it showed the viciousness inherent in its thick guttural growl. Every tooth showing as drool pooled and gushed out at the sides of it mouth.

Once my back was against the wall I just needed to open the door but the dog was too close. I grabbed the handle to the door. Breathing in a long deep breath I prepared myself. Immediately I open the door fall into the room and slammed it as hard as I could being me. I was huffing, in and out “That was a close one.” Slouching against the floor I am in a hall. I must have taken the office door or something.

My relief was short lived though, the dog was at the door ravaging at its seems. I jumped up to my feet looking at the door already showing signs of busting. I turned my head to a noise in the other room. “No.” Was all I could say. This thing with a body like a busted up torso limped out. Out of a cavity in it body I head it release a low moan. Hunched over and menacing, the creature made its way for me down the hall. At this out I was in a full panic between the two.

The dog was ripping at the door and had made a hole. It suck out its tongue and licked my leg, I stomped to the side to get away from his slimy lick. I then looked up at there was others coming out in the hall. “Stay away!” I screamed. Looking down I see the claws of the dog rip though the doorway. Its head come through in a flash and nips at my leg. I am kick at the head trying to keep it from biting me further.

Backing into the corner I look to the organ thing. Pulsing with pus and ooze the creature sluggishly moved. I don’t want to die like this. I imagine the strange thing gnawing on my arm as the dog man carries a piece of me. “Ban!” a large thing makes a moved outside. I see the dog get ripped away.

“Ahlahw.” it screams in terror. Then it is no more. The doorway is ripped to pieces as in the red light is a large shadow. It was so fast I was grabbed as if I was nothing at all. I released a yelp of fear when I am looking into Velora’s cold face. She sets me onto the ground next to her and begins walking away. I looked at her in total shock for some time.

“Thanks for saving me.” I was not entirely sure what to make of it other then she did not want me hurt. That’s for sure. I looked over to the wall to see the dog person spattered against it. The blood from the puddle hand tentalcles already very lively. The small tentacles grabbed at pieces of meet and other body parts pulling them back together.

“Follow me.” I broke out of my trance. “Understand.” I shook my head. “Good, now follow me.”

So I ran after Velora, and, followed.

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