An End To All You Know: Chapter 6

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Crawling through the vent I could hear the creature screaming behind me. It was rather dark inside this air conditioning vent. However eventually the floor became fibrous tissue. The smooth muscle quivers as I crawl over it. The smell is strange. It is a heavy iron smell. In fact I could just almost taste it on my tongue. Eventually the flesh vent opens up to what I can only describe as being inside a body of some sort. I knew this was not true though as the architecture of the room is square and I have never seen an animal with a square body.

Blood dripped from the ceiling in spots. In awe I tread where devils may walk. This was entirely unreal. Mystified by the abomination I carefully move though the halls of this thing. There in the distant I could see something, a machine. It appeared to be working on something. I could not quit see what. It stood no taller then me but it did not look welcoming either. With all of its arms sparked at whatever it was working on. Not wanting to have to run away from another thing I decided it best to leave the thing alone.

I turn down another hall instead, this one had a sign, and I could read it.

“This way for the exit. Look out for Mr. King-Lazy-Bones…”

“Huh, that’s weird.” I said and looked down the path of organs and the darkness beyond. “I don’t like this.” As much as I hated to admit I knew I had to go that way regardless. With a huff I steeled myself for what was to come down this corridor. Once inside the room there was several doors leading to dark corridors. In the middle of the room stood a man with long arms and a mighty coat that covered him. I stare at the giant, as it turned its head toward me it revealed and inhuman expression like that of a skull. On the other side of the room is a tunnel that reminded me of a fleshy subway tunnel. The only problem was the hulking thing between me and that tunnel.

Taking a step the creature let out a loud gasp. It turns it head in my direction and rattles it jaw. It nearly scared the piss out me. I am helpless as the thing bends down like a feral demon seeking flesh. There is not words to describe the fear I felt; cemented in place, bound and gagged. Closer it leaned in. It glassy white eyes gaze directly at me and salivating jaws raining slobber onto the floor. Bring its face mere inches away from me. Soon I would be bit in half. Roaring in agony. Though I am not sure which half would be me. I could feel the creatures breath on me. It smelled of rotted meat. And then, it looked away.

“Raaaaa!” is screams. Still held bound by fear I watched the creature look in another direction. “Raaaa!” it roared again. The creature stood looking in every direction. “Raaaaaaa!” I go to make another step. The creature returns to my side and gnashing his teeth with all the temperament of a mad bull. This time though it didn’t scare me because it was blind and could not see me. I knelt down and grabbed a bottle that hand been molded into the ground. It ripped out with ribbons of flesh snapped as I did so. When I rose to my feet the beast was in front of me, inches from my face. The thing was so large and hideous it gave me pause. The worst part was its putrid breath, not even a sewer did it justice. I drew back with the bottle and threw it across the room. As soon as I did the creature flew to where the bottle landed, black cloak floating like some devilish entity.

Pouncing on the shattered glass it picked up the broken bottle. The thing stood up right blocking my view and shrieked bloody murder. Slowly I made my way to the gate. That’s when the thing proceed to bash the living hell out of the broken bottle. It threw the pieces all around the room. The whole thing had me startled and sure was not going to wait for that thing to pound me to pieces. So I made my way toward the gate. My steps were quite and small while that wicked thing continued it tantrum. I was at the gate when I noticed it had stopped. I slowly turned my head toward the creature. Its head swiveled to meet mine and fury was in its eyes. Lifting its had in stagnant manner it points right at me. With a loud hiss it keeps me in its horrible sight, as if it could see me. The gaze does not relent not even for a moment.

The standstill lasted for what seemed like it was forever. Like looking into a dogs trawling maw moment before it lungs. And lung it did. It was like I back out for a moment. I am running down the hall as the metal and flesh begin to gradient. Stupidly I looked back to see the creature getting closer and closer ready to rip my head off.

Finally I reach a door way but the create was still close behind and then like that it stopped. Looking at me from the threshold it snarls, turns, and enters back into the darkness. “Oh my gawd. Holy shit.” I said catching my breath. “King-Lazy-Bone, right.”

Glancing up at the ceiling revealed light. The ground was still tumors and it was crawling up the hall as well, but the ceiling that had concrete, and that was some normalcy to this crazy place. I walked a little further till I reached a stair case. It opened up to another part of town. There is a bridge that lead to a wilderness, a road, and a whole lot of broken buildings.

I got out of the tunnel and decide it is best if I look for some place to sleep. As I am walked out I notice some other mutant beings but they either had not noticed me or lacked interest. Either way I was happy that I did not have to contend with their chase.

Eventually an alleyway find me, and I decide it was a place to could lay down. It curved in like an L. The kind of place I could lay down for a bit. So I did in the undercover making sure nothing was follow me.

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