An End To All You Know: Chapter 5

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Walking in a land of desolation can be particularly, wrong. The ground I took my steps on felt off; as if written to another symmetry. There really was no where to go. I had left the colony behind me. Inside its slumber nightmare. Now I walked on road of a different kind. The fame leathery yet muscle fiber I had fraught my way through stretch along a highway from the facility. Small patches of black signaled that this indeed was a road. In the distance is a city. Webbed in fleshy things, broken, and all together dead.

If that was not enough I could see faces from time to time in the ground around me. It made me shivered. The dusty sand blew on me, as if the world was saying “You did not matter anymore.” A few more broken slab stuck out of the ground. At first I was going to pass the by but as I was walked I noticed something written on them. I wander over to the slabs at look at the writing. Sadly though they were nothing more then random scratches. A lot of random scratches. Some one that made these and if they were near maybe they could help me. I looked around the maze of slabs and as I was exploring them, there seemed to be more than I had first thought.

The hall of concrete ruins became something like building. Except they were broken. Only the first floor remains. A few second stories but most of those where gone too. Eventually I came to the resultion that there was no way I was going to find someone in this labyrinth. So the best option I had was to leave to hope something followed me. It was lot far off the way when my prayers were answered.

“You!” A young man said from behind. I turn to witness a man who body looked horrid. He wore rags over his decaying bones. His face was that of a young many accept for the cables strung on his face. His right arm was a long needles and his left a claw of some sort. His legs were as if gnawed on by some predator. “Why do mock me!” He screamed.

I was frozen in fear. I did not know what to say.

Pointing the large needle blade at me he says “You look human. Why do you mock me!”

“I am human. Can you help me?” I say to the strange man.

“Liar!” Normally I would have been angry with him… instead I only breathed slowly… and I was held in terror. “You bastards stole everything from us. You even stole our looks. As if to say you were one of us.”

“I don’t know what you want sir. I am a human I swear.” The man kept staring at me, as if trying to think of something to say. “I need help sir. Please, can you help me?”

“Oh yeah.” the said though his face looked twisted in far too much happiness. “I will help you.” He then started making his first steps toward me and I made some away from him. “What the matter?” He said lowering his head. “You afraid, machine.”

My steps turned into full walked as his approach increased. “I am not a machine.”

“Sure, why dont I cut that pretty little stomach of your open so I can see the cables!” He screams braking into a full sprint. Likewise I do the same. As I am running away from the crazy man I see a ledge coming up. Without much thought I jump. Through the air I soar past several rod stick out of the ground. When I hit the ground rolling head over heels. I didn’t have much time to recover though for the man was right one my tail. Brushing myself off I started running again. Now the field was filled with the long spear like thing from before. “You can’t run away from me!” the man yells. I had to get him away. Up ahead was another jump. If it was anything like the last one I was going to have to stop soon. “Don’t worry little robot I am just going to rip all little pieces out!”

With tears flowing down my eyes I made the next leap of faith. This one proved to be just like the last one. Landing on my feet this time I continued my running. That is when I head it a thrash. I turned to look at I saw the man hung on a poll. I made my back toward him to see if he was still alive, his body sliding down the thorn all the while. Too scared to teach I kept am arms length away. “Sir,” I said to him. “Sir.”

In a flash the man had jabbed his needle at me. He missed. It started me, but he kept stabbing at me. “Impostor!” His face looked as though his eyes were going to fall out of his head from the stain of his muscles. “Impostor!” After watch him for a few second I turned and began walking away from him. “Impostor! Impostor!” Realizing that he was mad there was nothing I could do. Then I heard a gut wrenching chopping sound. “Impostor!” I looked over my shoulder to see the mans mouth had slobber coming out of it, like dog drool. However that was not the sound. The sound was from him hacking as his side with his needle. His torso, ripping and tearing as his insides. “Impostor!” With a deep breath I made my way to the city.

I made the long walk to the city. There I found the same cryptic builds and veiny ground match ontop of a layer of normalcy. Tell spires with hive like thing at the top and threads stretching between human construction. My stomach was well barren, so my first order of operation was to find food.

In my search for food I spotted something odd. It was a wad of something. I approach the wad slowly and as I approached it, I could make you a leg. Frozen in place I looked at the thing. And that is when the hole thing registered to me. It was a curled up body covered in grime. I turned my head in the other direction but I saw another. I then looked around myself and discovered there were bodies everywhere among the rubble. Spit up throw up entered my mouth. So I swallowed and continued along the empty roads until I came upon a convenience store.

Traveling inside, I was greeted by a destroyed building. Shelves thrown about, products on the floor, and magazine act as burial paper. Making my way through the rubble was difficult to say the least. It was as if wading through a junk yard. I found myself pawing through broken and disheveled goods. Most of them were unreserved goods. I did however get my hand on some cans. I could not make out what they were but cans last forever so it really did not matter what I would be eating. Heck some cat food would be good enough.

I carrying the cans into a clear spot in the back of the store, slump down onto the floor and open the first can. That is when the smell hit me. A pungent odor, think and sloppy with rotten eggs and some else. I threw I can across the room. Moving my hand to my face I began to weep. How was I ever going to survive. I am going to starve to death. Helibore was right. What hell is this place?

I look up to see, to see someone. My heart fluttered, someone, someone like me. I burst from the from the tile floor, and ran to the glass window, or at least what was left of it. I was so happy. Without much thought I ran outside calling out “Hey!” The person stopped as I was running up to them. “I am so happy. I thought there were not people here anymore.” It turned its head towards me. The face that look back at me was like an insects. The eyes were small, and the amount of tongues it had was mind bending. It opened its mouth and let out a terrible scream.

I turned to run screaming myself. Its legs broke open to reveal another pair and that thing chased after me. Through the dusty street I ran. Around the corner I turned to see more of the humanoid things. They immediately charge at me too. As if sentient they try and block my path. However I was not about to let them corner me like that. One of the creatures tries to grab me at I punched it in the face. It staggered but I did not wait to find out what it was going to do to me.

Running for who know how long, I found myself deep in the city. At least I was alone. The sky is a haze of rusted cloud. I stop to catch my breath. “This city. Is it alive.” I wondered. Listening carefully I could hear the veins pumping blood. If this place wasn’t odd enough if it was alive somehow that would be even stranger. I certainly was not in the time I had come from. Humans were no longer the rulers of this world but rather it had been taken by there monstrosities.

The alleyway I had stopped in front of had a hole in the concrete. I walked up to the hole and looked inside. There was light on. Where the hole lead to. Question was, is a random hole safe. It was then I heard the creatures coming down the road. I didn’t have a choice. I had to go down that hole.

Walking up to the fleshy hole I place both my legs inside it and sat. “Here we go.” I said as I plunged myself into the hole. I land on my feet. The drop was about ten feet. Not too bad. Inside I sees what looks like a normal building. Looking around I discover I am in a hall next to a wall. Seems it is the end of a hall. I started to look down it noticed a lot of doors. Curiosity got the best of me because I walked down till I got to a random door and pushed it open. Dust came off as I did. It was a storage room. Not unlike many other strange rooms. In the corner there is a twisted an manged body. I must have been there for years. Most of the muscle was dried to the bone. Let alone the skin. It looked as though it had weathered so thing that it had become brittle. Sad. Whatever happened to the world must have been terrible.

“Pundunk” I heard something go from behind me. Unsettled by this I look out the doorway. “WAAAAAA!” a human like thing screams. Out of the room I rush down the hall in the opposite direction. It does not take me long though to be stopped. On the other end other the wall come several other human like things. I am trapped. I grab to door nearest to me and hide myself in there. The creatures battled against the door as I held it shut.

“Go away!” I yelped.

A low groan made my skin crawl. Is was not outside of the room but rather inside. I turned my head to see a four legged creature who had two stubby arms and skin covering it body. It limped towards me letting out low guttural groans from its canine like head. I burst into screams as I kept my back against the door. Grabbing a shelf next to me I block the door for a moment. The weird creature got closer as I looked around for an exit. Then the door was pushed open. I spotted it. A vent. That would be my escape. I ran around the dog monster and crawl up inside. Good thing I did too. I could hear those things screaming. It was unreal.

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