An End To All You Know: Chapter 4

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A hand against my wrists rose me from me from my bed in terror.  Instantly my mouth is muffled. I gazed up into Vanity’s strained face that spelled concern.  Her iron grip on her face loosens and then descents to my lab.  “We have to go now.” she barked.

I groggily raise you to sit up.  “What, why?”

“I’ll explain as we go.”  Vanity throws down a fresh change of cloths.  “Put these on fast.”

Fright fills her heart as I placed my legs through the holes of my pants. “Did something happen?”

Vanity take a step towards the door and looks though it.  She then turn to me.  “I don’t know Prina baby. I do know one thing though.  We need to get you out of here.” She takes another peek before she continues.  I was putting my head through the shirt at this time. “I owe you this Prina.  I owe you this.”

“I don’t understand, what is happening?” I asked again.

Seeing that I am dressed she grabs my arm lifting me from my bed.  “It doesn’t matter anymore.”

Her reply was stranger than I had expected.  Vanity kept pace as she marched up the stairs in the lobby with me being dragged behind her.  She careens to the medical bays without saying much of anything at all.  “You said you would explain.” I whimper.

“A lot of this you are not going to understand.” she said so a matter of factually. “But there is this thing called Azergile. Its enslaved the entire world.  You need to find Azergile and destroy it.”

“What!?” I couldn’t help but burst out.

“It sounds crazy I know but your the only one who can do it.  Your disorder, it’s in your blood.  It can deactivate it.  You just need to get to it and deactivate it.  Do you under stand Prina?”  I shook my head, not much else could do.  But then a deeply unsettling feeling came over me.  I could not believe the words I was hearing.  Is this some sort of imposture like Helibore warned me about.  Is this the Vanity I knew?  “We need to get you out of here.  The normal exit is broken so we need to use the subterranean gate.  But there is something I have to do first. You have to trust me Prina.  You trust me Prina right?”  Vanity said stopping in front of a the door to her office.  I nod as the door opened up.  I didn’t have much choice.

“I trust you.” Vanity eyes were teary.  She looked away and made her way into the room.  I follow.

“Get onto the table.” Vanity commanded.  Walking over to the steel examination table, I crawl onto the cool metal.  Vanity opens a white overhead cabinet looking inside for something.  “Doctor Winters knows the colony is shutting down.  He wants to trap you down here.  Keep you a secret, for his own selfish needs.” She takes a bottle of clearish liquid and a metal ring like thing from the cabinet.  “We can’t let that happen Prina.  You can end this nightmare!” she frantically says with all the vigor of a true lunatic.  “I am sorry.” she sets the metal ring down next to me.  Then with the bottle she starts taking off the plastic wrapper.   “This is the only way I could think of making it work.” she sniffles.

I look at the object the has in hand.  “I don’t understand.”

“I know, honey.  I know.” Popping off the metal cap or the clear liquid, she douses a white rag next to me.  “Prina honey, you need to unbutton your and give me your left arm.”

“Ok.” Is all I mustered.  As each silver button unsnaps I felt more uneasy.  Still, I did as I was told.  Then it come to my lifting the shirt off my head.  I ducked my head inside the shirt and slowly took it off.  No sooner did I lift to though Vanity made her move. She lunged at me place to white rag over my mouth.  I felt the weakness returned at tried my best to fight her.  Finger clasped hard against my cheeks. I kicked and punched with both of my arms as I cried.

“Please, I am so sorry it has to be this way!  It will be all right.  I promise, it’s going to be ok.  I am so sorry. Forgive me.” Vanity tearfully pleads.

The heaviness of that familiar sedation crawls its way through my veins again; its weighty impact growing by the moment.  As I went limp Vanity lets my body down onto the table to rest easy.  “Why?” I wearily asked.

“I am so sorry.” Vanity says place the metal ring around my left arm.  The device released a loud hiss, and in that moment I felt the worst pain I have ever felt in my life.  A burning pain came over my arm.  I look at my left arm to see it resting next to me on the table leaking blood.  My mouth opened agape releasing a silent scream before the world spins and fall back into that cold darkness.

I was cold.  I awaken to that severe burning pain in my left arm.  Hoisting my limp body up, I cradle the hurt limb.  I didn’t even notice what was around, only the cool grays of the room greeted me.  My mouth snapped open as a long a dreadful cry escapes my lungs.  I let the thing down and look at the ring around the arm.  That was when I noticed it.  The color on one side of the ring and other were not alike. I raised the limb up to my face and to my horror I looked at a hand that was not mine.  Long painted red fingernails, aged hand, not like the ones that I knew.  But this hand, this hand was another.  I remember the thought gripped.  As I looked.  

“A mighty peculiar exchange if you ask me.” I look up to see Helibore who sat across from me in a chair, his legs over each other and his grip at his mouth.  The other hand laid next to him lazily. He was wearing his doctors coat, which was not unusual.  However the big slash of blood on is jack was.

It was then that I mustered up the courage to ask him “What happened?”

He uncrossed his legs, sat up straight, and proceeded to destroy everything I knew. “I guess you deserve a bit of an explanation as to what has been going on.” Doctor Winters got up from his seat and makes a casual stroll over to me.  He places his arm on shoulder inspecting the new arm given to me.  He looks me in eyes with those glassy blues.  Dipping his hand into his pocket, he retrieves the needle gun. “This will be the last time I take blood from you Primina.”  And it was in that moment I understood him.  A gray weathered place, timeworn from ages unknown.  “Do I have you permission?”

“Yeah,” What more could I have said.  “Go ahead.” The familiar sting comes over my arm again as Helibore inserts the needle.  I could almost feel it sucking my precious rubies from my veins.  Like the arteries of the world, and the gold which men go into dangerous vault and mine out.  That was my blood.  “So, are you finally going to explain things to me?  Vanity tried to tell me but she wasn’t making sense.”

“She panicked.  I told her the truth of the situation earlier.” Helibore said, he bit his lower lip after.  I could tell he was not happy with giving that little bit of info. “She left. She ran away.  Its just you and me now.”

I got lost dangling my feet off the side of the table kicking imaginary ghosts away.  “So,” I said.  A line of silence cross the two of us.  “What did she do to me.” I needed to know.

Doctor Winters took a step away from me.  “I ah,” he said take great pause with what he was about to say. “That arm.  I could tell you recognized it.  It turns my stomach actually.”

No. That could not possible be.  “What do you mean?”

“Its her arm.  She gave you her arm.”  I raised my that arm again.  I looked at it. It, it could not be.  The paint on the nails though that would be the thing that would make me admit it.  “Well, let me explain things.  You as you know have a disease.  After the genesis of nano machines, we began treating illnesses with them.  Your disease however has a strange structure.  It deactivates nano machines. So treatment for your disease is impossible, as drug don’t actually treat the issue. Eventually it will kill you.  The disease itself is in your blood.” Helibore explains gaining my full attention.  “Primina I am over five hundred years old.  Everyone in the colony was at least four hundred.”

A small gasp escapes my mouth.  I could not believe it.  This is a lie.  It has to be. I instinctively inquired “How is that possible?”

“We perfected the machines to keep us alive. It would repair any blemish we had. So were eternally trapped in our own bodies.  That was not the worst of it, however.  We would not discover until later that the nano machines would restructure our bodies and minds if we suffered any kind of slight wound.  For instance, a scratch would twist and mangle our bodies.  In doing so it would redesign our neural networks turning us towards insanity.  Granted the insanity did not happen immediately.  However the blemishes and changes normally lead that way. As long as we maintained our human form we tended to be alright.”

“So, what do I have to do with any of this?” I asked fearing the answer.

“You are the transmigration of our original sin.”  He said so plainly to made my heart stop.  He removes the needles from my arm and look me right in the eye. “You see originally we could die. We manufactured a god of our own and it deemed us unworthy.  Our paradise in perfect bodies turned out to be our cage in hell for eternity.”

Helibor growls placing the needle into his arm allowing the blood to pump into him. “What are you doing!” I scream at him.  I wrestle the gun but alas I was not strong enough.  With a flick if his other arm I crash into another bed.

“Sacred blood untainted by the soul of mans iniquities.  It is through you we cross over to the afterlife.  That true paradise of eternal slumber that was stolen from us.  Through you the world shall die and be given everlasting peace.  At least I will have peace.” All I could do is watch as Helibore let himself die.  My grew wide with tears as I looked up at him.  “It has finally happened.  Primina my angel of death.  You are not fit for suffering.  I wish things could have been different. I wish you had stayed asleep.  But I was convinced.  I allowed my emotions to cover my logic.”

I raise to me feet and embraced him with a hug and he wrapped around me.  “Please don’t die on me Helibore.”  I begged him.

“Its ok.  You don’t need to fear.” he said as he reaches for a surgical knife.  My stomach sank.  I wanted that moment to last.  I truly did.

In an instant I had pushed him away from me and out of my mouth like fire “Get away from me!” I screamed.

Helibore turned back toward me with is knife in hand and said “Allow me to clip your wings and give you the precious gift of death you have provided for me.”

He slowly approached me, all the while looking at me like a mad man. “You don’t understand how horrible things have become. It is better for you to die now and never know what became of the world.  Don’t mistake me Primina.  This is an act of love.  Vanity, begged me to release you to the world.  She has it in her mind you will be able to deactivate the central computer.  There is no way you could make it though that hell.  You would die a terrible death or worse.  Please, don’t resist.”

I shook my head no.  “You insane.”

“I can feel the blood pumping through my body.  It burns.  It feels so good to know.  To think that just your blood is killing off these horrible machines; that soon it will pump through my body and I can finally leave this retched world. Don’t be afraid Primina.  I will make sure it does not hurt for long.” He then started to make his way toward me.

Grabbing a metal table covered in medical tools, I thrusts the at him in dramatic fashion.  The tools fly into the air, Helibore raises his arm to shield himself as sharp objects and other metal pieces rain onto him.  Using this opportunity I bolt out the door of the room and am running through the hall.  “You can’t run Primina. Everything is shutting down.” he screams out the door.

I could barely make out his shout.  The lights in the building flickered and flashed as they coughed with the last moments of power they held.  Looking to Vanity’s arm I wondered why she would do such a thing.  Then I realized what it was that she wanted.  She wanted I to leave; through that black door.  

And like that there I was staring up the stare case to my salvation.  I would escape this hell and these crazy people and get out of this horrendous hospital.  I made my way up the steps to the large black door.  I looked at the reflection and it looked back.  It was strange.  As if not me but someone else looked back.  I raise the left hand. Slowly I placed it onto the cold slate.  Immediately the door opened it self.  Twin slabs separating, allowing me into it, and my blood stopped.

“Why?” was all I could moan.  I walk into dark room to see a wall of large vats with bodies floating in them.  Each one at a different stage of developments.  Some young, some older.  All of them with black hair like me.  Worse was the back of the room.  It was, it was too much to witness.  Body part hung from meat hook as lasers zapped them.  The regrew themselves upon the hooks as if they were vegetation in high speed.  I carefully walked deeper into this room of horrors, this butcher shops, and there was a set of organs faceted to the wall.  It wriggled with life.

“Adrenachrome.” I gasped deeply and spun around.  Helibore stood behind me, but it was not him.  His face was falling to pieces in a violent fashion.  “To think everything here is made of you. We cloned you so many times. It never worked. Your blood never was quiet the same, so we had no choice but to wake you up and use you properly. Your older than me Prina. Let me put you to rest.”

He slashed at me with a screeching saw.  I dodged his strike as he struck the organs.  Brown fluid spurts all around the room.  I screamed as he come at me again at once again missed me but this to he hit a vat.  The body fell out in a rush of chemical fluids over him. The body within the chamber makes gasping noises as it takes its first and last breaths.  “Prina don’t run! I was only joking! Its a game!” Doctor Winters says as he is pushing the body off of him.

Madness. I must escape is the thumping of my heart.  I runs deeper into the room.  Through another set of double doors I fled.  Into a hall where the halls had turmerous growths on them and flesh grew on the walls.  I stood looking at the hideous sight.  That is until I heard Helibore not too far behind me saying “Primina don’t go in there.  You have no chance of survival.”

I did not even look back.  I ran so fast, I must not have even touched the ground. But fate has a funny way of teasing someone.  The final door was sealed shut.  I banged on it with both hand.  Turning my head only proved the direness of my situation.  Helibore was walked toward me, walking like a cripple.  His legs had become infested with boils.  His arms like as blooding carcass.  His face was all but gone.  I screamed.  He feel down on his face and smash his body burst.

The corridor by this point had opened but to my absolute dismay it moved.  Two arms or legs… or something else entirely chased me.  I hurried through the webs of flesh and as it got deeper required me to crawl.  Still on my track though was Helibore, marching on nubs.  

As I crawls through the flesh it pulses and moves about shifting spasming and crushing my body.  I can feel the Doctors bony hand grasp my ankle.  I cant see a thing, but I kicked.  I kicked so hard I yelled.  The flesh around me went through another spasm and at first I was afraid it was going to crush me.  In stead of grip let go.  I forced myself through.  

Brushing what I could of the blood that got on my cloths, I sat by the flesh wall.  Then I looked at the home I was given.  The skys were purple and glowing.  The building that I saw were ruins as far as the eye could see.  Looking at the few rocks the flesh I sat upon I realized home was inside, and that too was dead.

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