Lyorta Series Introduction

The Lords Of Heaven And Hell

The epoch of the ancients was closing, there once eternal rule has ended. The world was unmade, shrouded by darkness, reduced to a barren wasteland of dragons and other untold monsters. The heavens arched as the armies of the gods fought with the ancient ones. Xyreus, lord of the gods, rose against his master, the ancient Lathos. Their endless battle continued as the inhabitants of the world wept. The skies shattered.

Many gods died, and the ancients torn to pieces. In the end, the final battle was between the seven remaining gods able to fight the last willing ancient Nhurakal. All watched as their struggle shook the foundation of the creation.

When it was over, the cosmos were shattered. New worlds had formed out of the bodies of the ancients. The impossible powers once held by the gods quivered and fell away from them. An endless time passed as the competencies of the gods collected becoming the world known as Lyorta.

In the beginning, it was a hollow world only inhabited by the immortals but over time; it grew. Out of the darkness came light by the guiding hand of the gods. From the light rose a multitude of creatures. Then favor was given to them, and they claimed a crown for themselves. The gods appointed one crown above the rest and humans became their servant. With the new powers given to them, they challenged even the dragons and conquered all. Then pride seated herself as man’s repeated legacy as they sought to overthrow even the gods themselves. They claimed victory, and so the age of man has begun.

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